Great access, a five-minute walk
from Kagoshima Chuo Station

The restaurant is where you can enjoy Japanese food with Kagoshima’s local food ingredients.

  • Location that boasts good access
  • Convenient as it’s close to major tourist spots in Kagoshima
  • Relax in kakenagashi (hot water directly flowing from the source without circulation) natural hot springs
  • Ideal for both business and sightseeing!


We have dishes other than the above. Please ask for details.

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Virtual tour of the restaurant

Virtual tour of the restaurant
Virtual tour of the restaurant

Use Google Street View to see the inside of Yu-an.

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You can enjoy beautiful dishes and a 100% natural hot spring.

Yu-an is located in the Hotel Silk Inn Kagoshima, well known for its magnificent Sakurajima.

Kagoshima is one of the famous hot spring districts in Japan. Silk Inn Kagoshima is the only business hotel with a 100% natural hot spring in the Kagoshima city area.

Please relax and refresh in the 100% natural hot spring, popular for its effect of beautiful skin, in Silk Inn Kagoshima.

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Satsuma seasonal dining at Yu-an is located in Kagoshima in the south of Japan.

Kagoshima offers a variety of food ingredients blessed by the spectacular nature of the sea and mountains.
At Yu-an, we mainly serve Japanese cuisine using Kagoshima’s local ingredients such as Kagoshima Kurobuta pork, Kagoshima Kuroushi beef, fish, and vegetables.

Japanese cuisine is currently very popular around the world.

Our chefs have been cooking Japanese cuisine, which values the sensitive tastes of dashi stock and umami for a long time. The experienced and skilled chefs wholeheartedly cook the best dishes for our guests.

Yu-an is located in a very convenient place, only a five-minute walk from Kagoshima Chuo Station of the Shinkansen, in the hotel Silk Inn Kagoshima.

We look forward to seeing you.